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Ice Cream Sundae Hat — Free Pattern


During my bedtime Pinterest bingeing (I like to call it “pingeing”) I came across a lovely knitted hat from

I don’t know Finnish, but I’m pretty sure the blogger didn’t post a pattern for it. *Correction: after 30 seconds of browsing the site, I did find the pattern. Oh well!

So here’s my version. It’s called the Ice Cream Sundae Hat and it’s lovely. I made it up as I went along and the pattern is simple enough that I don’t think I need to provide a chart as long as you follow the instructions.


3 colors of bulky yarn such as Lamb’s Pride Bulky, (Color A, Color B, and Color C)

Size 9 circular needles

Size 9 double-pointed needles

darning needle

pom-pom maker or giant fork


K = knit

P = purl

k2tog = Knit two stitches together

Special notes: You’ll be knitting a basic fair isle pattern, so carry the unworked yarn across the back of the stitches you’re working, being VERY CAREFUL not to pull the unworked yarn too tightly. Your hat will shrink significantly in diameter if you don’t pay attention to the unworked yarn. I intentionally made my pattern bigger than my normal hats to account for my habit of pulling too tightly.

On your circular needle, cast on 80 stitches with Color A. Place marker on needle. Knit into the first stitch, being careful the stitches aren’t twisted. K2, P2 for five rounds. Knit 3 rounds regularly.

Round 9: With Color A, Knit 3 stitches. *With Color B, knit 4 stitches. With Color A, knit 6 stitches.* Repeat ** till end of round (you’ll end by knitting 3 stitches with color A).

Round 10: With Color A, Knit 2 stitches. *With Color B, knit 6 stitches. With Color A, knit 4 stitches.* Repeat ** till end of round, ending with 2 stitches of Color A.

Round 11: With Color A, Knit 1 stitch. *With Color B, knit 8 stitches. With Color A, knit 2 stitches.* Repeat ** till end of round, ending with 1 stitch of Color A.

Rounds 12 & 13: With Color A, knit 1 stitch. *With Color B, knit 9 stitches. With Color A, knit 1 stitch.* Repeat ** till end of round. Cut Color A leaving a six-inch tail.

Knit 5 rounds with Color B.

Repeat rounds 9-13 with Colors B & C.

Knit 6 rounds with Color C.

Decrease as follows:

Round 1: Knit two together, knit 6. Repeat for one round.

Round 2 (and all even rounds): Knit

Round 3: K2tog, K 5 for one round

Round 5: K2tog, K 4 for one round (this is where you should probably switch to the double points).

Round 7: K2tog, K 3

Round 9: K2tog, K 2

Round 11: K2tog, K 1

Round 12: K2tog

Cut yarn leaving a 12-inch tail. Gather remaining stitches with a darning needle and fasten off. Weave in all tails.

For the pom pom:

I recommend a pom pom maker, which you can buy for about $6 at any big-box crafts store. Another super technique I found on Pinterest, where you use a serving fork. It’s pretty great if you’re feeling lazy.

Secure your pom pom to the hat using yarn and a darning needle. Run the yarn through the pom pom a couple of times and tie on the inside of the hat. I always try and leave a little length in case the pom pom loosens so I can easily refasten it.

Thanks again to Muita Ihania for the pretty design.

Please contact me if there are any errors in the pattern. I’ve already given the hat away so I wasn’t able to look at it as I was writing the pattern.

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Welcome to Alaska Knit Nat! I was born and raised in Anchorage and have always had a passion for making useful things, whether they are eaten, knit, crocheted, sewn or randomly glued and assembled. I received my bachelor’s degree in French and journalism from the University of Alaska Anchorage and work almost full time at a nonprofit and way over time as a mom.

15 thoughts on “Ice Cream Sundae Hat — Free Pattern

  1. Reblogged this on Clovers 4 Ewe and commented:
    This cute little hat showed up in my email this morning from AllFreeKnitting. I love the color combo here, and have already started following her blog. She has more adorable knits, recipes, and other goodies that I’ll have to dive into sometime soon.

  2. So cute!!!

  3. The pattern is adorable but does not print. Is it shown anywhere else.

  4. Loving this hat! You sound like a very busy lady. Keep on knitting.

  5. I cannot print this Ice Cream Sundae Hat – Instructions please

  6. I think this hat pattern is interesting , and I can’t wait to make one

  7. I have mushrooms in my yard. They are just coming up in the grass they look like whit golf balls and one is taller and odd shaped my neighbor wants to pick them and I don’t know if they’re safe to eat. I don’t have any trees in my back yard so they’re not growing on trees just in my grass area. How can I tell?

    • Hi Katherine,
      It sounds like they are puffballs but without seeing photos of them from several angles I wouldn’t be able to tell you what they are. My recommendation is to see if there is a science center in your area and bring them a sample of your mushroom.
      Best of luck,

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